Customize Three fold Manual Umbrella White Color


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Style: Three fold Manual Umbrella

It’s light, compact, and bright. Waterproof fabric provides excellent protection and can be easily rotated.

  • Product parameters: Manual

    After folding, the total length is 26cm / 10.2 ”, the diameter is 95cm / 37.4 ”, the strap length is 21cm / 8.3 ” x 2cm / 0.8 ”, and the umbrella cover is 22cm / 8.7 ” x 4cm / 1.6” x 4cm / 1.6 ”

  • Combination material description: 8 fiber-reinforced windproof ribs, 1 fiber-fiber anti-wind umbrella handle.

  • Umbrella surface made of 8 high-density touch-up cloths, Velcro straps, umbrella cover.

  • Material: high density touch cloth, fiber bone windproof.

  • Single-sided printing

  • Suggested design instructions: It is not recommended to use denser textures, line groups and specific image maps to

    avoid faults at the seams of the umbrella surface.

This product would normally take 2 to 4 business days to manufacture and we will ship your order immediately after production.

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