We Are One: Promoting unity and understanding

In this age of Coronavirus and racial unrest, the world urgently needs to see signs of unity. Show your support of the We Are One grassroots movement to promote unity and peace.

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Can a simple, positive symbol change the world? 

“We are all in this together” is truly the message for this time. To save lives, we must all show more care, kindness, cooperation and oneness than ever before.

The We Are One project promotes these critically important life-sustaining virtues through art-inspired fashion and accessories. Our goal is to continually and exponentially spread the We Are One message by having it displayed by concerned influencers all over the world.

This is the original large-scale painting by the Arizona artist, Domingo, that inspired the We Are One Fashion line.
Artist Domingo

All credit for the We Are One project goes to Domingo, an Arizona artist who creates God-inspired paintings that celebrate the human spirit. Domingo’s We Are One painting is a powerful positive statement that we can arrive at a much better world by facing the future together, hand in hand. Domingo, now in his 70s, believes strongly that this is the message the world urgently needs to see now, and what better way to display it than through masses of humans displaying it?